Sea and river cargo shipments

ARGO SHIPPING GROUP has many years of experience in sea and river shipping. At present, the company has its own fleet of 11 units, with a total tonnage of 33,000 tons, and carries cargo from the ports of Ukraine to the ports of Italia, Croatia,, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Egypt, Israel, Georgia and other countries of the Black Sea and Mediterranean region. Also has a leading position in the Ukrainian market of sea and river shipping, the market of which increases every year. One of the main directions for river transport is the route of the river. Dnepr River – r. Danube (to the port of Budapest), that allows to make direct shipping.

Forwarding of cargoes

Effective selection of transportation routes. Our experienced forwarders realize fast delivery, guided by the efficiency of the compiled route. Many years of experience and knowledge allow our expeditionary structures to deliver cargo as quickly as possible, while observing all the rules. We do not doubt the professionalism of our employees, so we can offer certain insurance obligations to the owner of the cargo.

Shipping agency service

Agency service of your sea and river vessels by our company guarantees the qualitative performance of the following services:

ensuring the implementation of all border, customs, sanitary and veterinary formalities associated with calling or leaving the vessel to / from the port;
preparation of necessary documents
organization of supply of ships (food, fuel, spare parts, equipment, etc.);
provision of the vessel with a pilot, tug, mooring brigades;
organization of payment of all necessary port charges;
organization and monitoring of all loading and unloading operations;
timely and regular information support to the shipowner, as well as all interested parties, the rules of a particular port, the prospects of placing the ship at the berth, the time of loading / unloading, etc.);
participation and assistance in drafting acts, letters of protest, etc. in case of unforeseen situations;
organization of crew change;
Other services by request of the master or shipowner

Technical support

Supply of vessels with all necessary equipment and spare parts in the ports of Ukraine and Turkey. Docking of ships, major and scheduled repairs, modernization and reconstruction of ships, repair of main and auxiliary engines, electrical equipment, pipelines, etc.