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Argo Shipping LTD

We are happy to provide you with our services:

  • Sea and river freight transportation
  • Vessel agency in the ports of Ukraine and Turkey
  • Issuance of ship and cargo documents, payment of port fees and fines
  • Organization of loading and unloading, overloading of goods with own technical resources
  • Organization of technical assistance, ship repair
  • Provision of fuel, drinking water, emergency rescue equipment and spare parts, collection of sewage and wastewater
  • Provision of mooring, towing, pilotage by own pilots

Unrestricted navigation

Sea-River vessels

River vessels

Floating cargo crane



Argo Shipping LTD

ARGO SHIPPING Ltd. Kyiv, Obolonska naberezhna 1, residential complex Parusa., building 1, office 173

+38(0552)26-26-45 Office/Crewing (0552) 46-01-12

info@skargo.com.ua chartering@skargo.com.ua

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